The Count Down is On !!

Over the last few days, we have feverishly worked together with a farmer who must sell their farm to save the lives of Bridgette and her adoptive son Lucky. Both animals were rescued before by this kind farmer couple but were now in peril again as they had to be placed elsewhere due to the impending sale of the farm.

bridgette-and-luckyThrough some divine¬†intervention, our paths crossed just in time and we were able to offer Bridgette and Lucky a lifetime placement at our sanctuary. And if that’s not enough, we have offered the same to a donkey and one particularly difficult to handle horse from the same farm. However, horse and donkey will arrive later. First, we will get to welcome momma and baby cow.

Life is indeed good at the sanctuary !

Can you even think of a greater blessing than being able to save two such precious lives right before Christmas? In fact, its not two but three lives because Bridgette is most likely pregnant. Never again will she have to the torment and horror of having her baby taken away from her after birth as is normal procedure in the dairy industry. When her new baby is born, we will let her nurse and raise her child who will also remain at the sanctuary for life.

A large comfortable and clean area has been prepared for the two new residents and is ready for them.



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