From Depression to Hope

Whenever a special participant in our ‘Right On! Success Coaching’ program has reached a milestone, we want to let you know about it. Such is the case with a special young woman who is currently serving time for drug charges. When she first started the program she had a very hard time keeping her spirits up in the overcrowded jail environment. Fortunately, she found the inner strength to start the program and hang in there for a just enough time to experience her first few successes and a beginning shift inside her mind. She has since examined her past choices and is taking full responsibility for them. She has separated herself from those inmates who are of a negative blaming mindset and stay up all night to talk and create more drama for those around them. In fact,  she even tries to embrace the stressful time in jail as a necessary experience for learning and growth. We are so very proud of her. The other day, we received a gift from her in the mail. She has created a beautiful personalized drawing for Diana out of thankfulness for being allowed to participate in the Right On! program. And if that’s not enough, she is making plans to invest herself in the lives of others, particularly very young people, who have started down the destructive path of drug addiction. It is very touching and motivating for us to see the impact of this program on an individual like her.

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  • This posting of depression was posted on my birthday, and I have struggled with depression for many, many years. I have been saved by Jesus Christ and am a child of God now and live for His Glory and Love and Will. Just thought it was interesting that such a posting took place on my birthday and fit me like a “T,” as in “Timothy” :)))

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