All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Our big girl Ms. Molly is preparing for the fall trail riding season. Part of this preparation is to get used to her Easyboots. Since she does not wear nailed on shoes, walking on very rocky trails can be tough and uncomfortable for her feet. mol_bootsSince a horse carries a little more than half (roughly 60%) of its body weight on the front feet, the front is usually more sensitive to pocking pressure from rocks and gravel. The boots have a grippy sole and a padded upper edge to prevent rubbing much like tennis shoes for people do. The lacing system which has been adopted from the snow boarding industry, is powerful and strong to keep the shoes in place.

Another part of her prep for the season is to ease back into trailering. Trailer loading and riding can be a very stressful event for a horse if not properly prepared. Any good and kind training program should include trailer loading and unloading on days where no trail ride is planed and there is no pressure of actually having to go somewhere. This leaves time to allow the horse to just ‘play’ with the trailer.

Molly, being a very open minded and smart girl, takes to these exercises like a champ. Actually, all our horses do. Trail rides are a wonderful opportunity for horses to get out and about and see something different while getting some exercise. We are looking forward to this fall’s trailriding season!

In this image, Molly looks as us as if to say: “ok, now what? I am ready. Aren’t we going anywhere?”.


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