Good Acres Story Featured in Book by Jo Condrill

As many of you know, our president Diana is not only an animal lover and fierce supporter of various humanitarian projects, she is also an immigrant from Germany! As such her own story and that of GA Sanctuaries has been featured in Jo Condrill’s newest book. The Kindle version of the book has just been released on Amazon. The print version will follow on its heels shortly!

Diana always thinks of herself as a citizen of the world more so than one of any particular country. Having lived in many different places on the planet, she completely forgot that she actually is an immigrant to the U.S.. She was wondering how her story would fit in with those of 11 others until Jo reminded her that she too is an immigrant, though a legal one at that.

Immigrants Coming to America brings you dramatic and inspiring real-life stories of 12 immigrants in their own words. You will meet a refugee, a man who was granted asylum, an undocumented immigrant and more. A thought-provoking Foreword by Paul E. White, an International Affairs Consultant and DTM, sets the stage. Two esteemed immigration law professors, Lee J. Terán, J.D. and Erica Schommer, J.D. provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about today’s immigration issues in interviews with me. References provide links for those who want to learn more about immigration law and issues.

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