When Big Feet Hurt

Recently our big girl ‘Trish’ experienced foot pain on all four feet for no apparent reason. This beautiful Shire has been barefoot ever since she was born 12 years ago and never experienced any lasting problems even when walking on hard ground. However, this changed about seven weeks ago. Thinking this must be a temporary little bump in the road, we tried everything to make Trish more comfortable. When you have nearly 500 pounds baring down on each one of your feet though, having painful feet can be a real problem. As the weather got hotter and the ground became drier and hard even on the pasture, Trish was barely making it to and from the grazing fields. Resting in a stall with soft bedding overnight also did nothing to ward of the depression that was setting in. So, the decision was made to try nailed on shoes on this big girl with her ENORMOUS hooves.

Nailing on a hind shoe.

Nailing on a hind shoe.

Thanks to our wonderful farrier James, who didn’t hesitate a moment to take on this rather complex task, the venture was tackled. Trish who had never experienced anything like it being done to her feet, was with some encouragement, quite the champion about it. The results were astounding as her relieve from the discomfort set in immediately. In fact, James was not even halfway done with his work when Trish’s posture changed from down and depressed to her normal ‘I-am-the-queen-and-who-are-you-attitude’. It was wonderful to see!

In the week since, Trish has been doing wonderfully walking on her brand spanking new steel shoes that look almost big enough to build a pacific railroad. Even riding has been no problem.

When our animals here at the sanctuary need something, we give it to them. It’s our responsibility. Even if it means giving them the pacific railroad.

As most horse people know, a good farrier is worth his weight in gold!!

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