Welcoming Children of the Incarcerated aka ChiCas

boy-529065_1280We have recently decided to focus our youth program on a very special and extremely under served subgroup of at-risk youth, the children of the incarcerated. These children face unique challenges in life as they are trying to make sense of why their mother, father, or sometimes both have been taken away from them for long periods of time or keep bouncing between home and jail being in and out of the child’s life.

Short for ‘Children of the Incarcerated’, we will call them ChiCas. Our program aims at primarily bringing positive energy into these children’s lives. We will try to accomplish this through offering farm visits for the children to spend time around our rescued animals with the opportunity to interact with them if a child chooses to do so. The healing potential of the peaceful environment at our sanctuary has touched many hearts and souls already of children and adults alike. In addition to farm visits we will offer a children’s arts program through which ChiCas and their incarcerated parents can create art work together and in so doing, expanding on the very minimal opportunities they have for bonding. Weakening or even loosing the bond between an incarcerated parent and child makes a successful re-union once the incarcerated parent returns all the more unlikely. Our program(s) offer a glimmer of much needed hope, especially considering the fact that our home state of Kentucky holds a very sad record. With a whopping 13% we have almost double the amount of children with one or more currently or previously incarcerated parent than any other state in the nation!

We are looking forward to serving the Children of the Incarcerated and their care givers. Please consider helping us today with a donation to our ChiCa program. Visit our help us page to see the available convenient option to donate.


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