From Inner Demon to Inner Truth

We all have one. There is no escaping having to deal with him. Or wait, is he really a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ or an ‘it’ or all of the above or an ever changing one? Could it be that at times he may be disguised as a sweet talking angel and at other times rears his true face as the fire spitting vulgar dragon he really is?

Welcome to meeting your inner demon.

Some people call it an ‘inner critic’ rather than a demon. There are probably almost as many names for it as there are people harboring one inside them. The ongoing efforts of an effective inner critic or demon are diligently and constantly focused on belittling your achievements, criticizing your appearance, and generally trying to keep your overall self esteem as low as possible.

Inner demons are clever and highly adaptable, always finding a face and voice that will lure, hook and engage you … and BAHMM. Before you know it, you are at the loosing end of the discussion. In fact, inner demons are so adaptable they put even the best chameleons to shame. Inner self-talk is what this kind of ongoing internal discussion is called. Sounds pretty harmless, doesn’t it? But then, when is life ever that easy? There is always a catch, isn’t there? Catch or not, the deal with inner self-talk is actually pretty simple. Let’s boil it down a bit…

Inner self-talk can range from harmless and neutral, to ok and even helpful, to painful and powerfully destructive. The good news is, even if you feel more or less possessed by your demon at this time, you can control which category your inner self-talk will eventually belong into. In other words, it’s your choice. Some of us, have trouble embracing the idea of choice in this regard. After all, once we realize we have a choice, we must simultaneously accept the responsibility that comes with having choices. Having choices means having the power to change things. Going to work on producing change can be cumbersome, risky, and plain old exhausting to say the least. In this sense, acting like a victim of circustance and refusing to work on creating change, does hold a certain appeal. It gives us permission to blame others for our misfortune, misery, and short comings. In short, it’s the easier way out … or is it?

If negative inner self-talk goes uncontrolled and over board life can be negatively impacted in a multitude of ways.

If negative inner self-talk goes uncontrolled and over board life can be negatively impacted in a multitude of ways.

In life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. We will always pay a price for the choices we make. Always. Whether, we even acknowledge the presence of a choice or not. Depression comes to mind as one of those incredibly high fines. Low self-esteem is another. The destruction and havoc caused on ourselves and those around us by choosing not to embrace our own power can be tremendous.

This is why in our horsemanship and success coaching program for at-risk youth and adults, we talk about and actively use strategies to DIS-empower our demons. It can be done and it can be very effective. To do this we are using a deceptively simple 3-step approach. During our horsemanship lessons, the gentle presence of our equines helps us work through the 3 phases. It is almost impossible to have a loving large animal nuzzle on you or move around with you in tandem and have an ongoing inner shouting match with your demon at the same time. Horses help us hear our inner demons voice and recognize it as something that is NOT part of who we truly are but rather random habituated inner chatter, we have allowed to become so negative. Once we can separate ourselves from this chatter, we can stop it. Once we can stop it, we can replace it with positive and uplifting inner self-talk. It is at this junction that we can begin to see, feel, and embrace our Inner Truth (IT). Our IT is who we truly are. It is the totality of possibilities and potential within us.

If you would like to join our horsemanship program, please contact us via the many contact options listed on our website or simply email us at:  or  call Diana at 859-550-3027. We are looking forward to hearing from you … and yes, you can also call if all you need at this time is an encouraging word.



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