Vegan Comfort Food at its Best

Who doesn’t crave some finger food once in a while? Here is your delicious solution:

Vegan Comfort Food by Beyond Meat

Vegan Comfort Food by Beyond Meat

Beyond chicken – frozen homestyle tenders by Beyond Meat will satisfy your junk food and finger food craving while nourishing your body and keeping animals from getting harmed. We have tried them for you and subsequently headed right back to the store to pick up more since they keep well in the freezer. These are now a staple in our sanctuary kitchen! Just add your favorite dip or ketchup and you are all set.

The flavor is mild and very similar to regular chicken strips. Deep frying is not necessary.

We have prepared ours in a non-stick frying pan with just a little bit of coconut oil. Easy as pie and ready in just a few minutes!


No fork needed. Finger food at it's best! Ketchup anyone?

No fork needed. Finger food at it’s best! Ketchup anyone?

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