Meet Lynn-Dee

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our very special feline residents. Lynn-Dee stayed with us after her previous owner had sold his farm to us and left. The man, tough a self-proclaimed devout christian, did not take good care of Lynn-Dee. In fact she didn’t even have a name at the time, wasn’t spayed, suffered from a terrible ear infection, and was only fed sporadically. Lynn-Dee was delighted when we came along to purchase the farm, started feeding her, and let her walk around with us during farm work projects. She so love being a part of our team. As the weather turned cold we allowed her to come inside. It became apparent quickly that she had been a house cat at some point in her life, probably before the previous farm owner even got her. This sweet cat was never happier. Her world was in order again especially after we finally got her painful ear infection treated. We do not know her age but she has been around the block a time or two and may be over ten years old. However, she still participates in walks to and from the barn together with the dogs unless the weather is too dicy for her taste. We love this little affectionate cat with all our hearts. Here is a fall photo of her taken as she accompanied us on a long walk to the back pasture.


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