Product Review – Boca Burgers

These days it seems like new plant-based or semi-plant-based burgers are being added to the selection of products on supermarket shelves all the time. We have tried MANY of them for you. Among the ones tried are Beast Burger by ‘Beyond Meat’, Sliders by ‘Gardein’, Burgers by ‘Good Earth’, and Boca Burgers.

So the verdict is in! The burger who has received the most rave reviews from meat eaters is :

Original Vegan Veggie Burger by Boca

Original Vegan Veggie Burger by Boca


This burger is available at larger Walmarts and other supermarkets in the freezer section. Please remember that any plant-based burger will need condiments on it just like your regular meat burger would. Boca Burgers also come in other flavors which are not quite as good as the one shown above. Try this one and let us know what you think, will ya?



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