Meet Patrick

Introducing Patrick:

Friendly Patrick is one of our sanctuary residents. He came to us about two years ago. From the circumstances at the time, we surmise that someone had dumped him at the highway near our farm. By the time the small malnourished dog found us, he was so weak, his hind legs were trembling barely holding him up. Well, needless to say, we did not turn him away. Instead he started to receive love and care for the first time in his life. It took him a while to get used to it all but soon his stunt growth unleashed a growing frenzy making him almost double in size within the first three months. We had never seen anything like it. Patrick is a loving wonderful dog and one of our best friends. He absolutely loves every minute at the sanctuary farm and keeps checking on things continuously to see if all is still as it should be. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure the very day his and our paths crossed. Here is to many more years to come!



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