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Meet Lynn-Dee

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our very special feline residents. Lynn-Dee stayed with us after her previous owner had sold his farm to us and left. The man, tough a self-proclaimed devout christian, did not take good care of Lynn-Dee. In fact she didn’t even have a name at the time, wasn’t spayed, suffered from

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Farm Winterized!

Winterizing a whole farm is quite a job! Yet it must be done. So, lately we have been hard at work to complete anything from painting projects to adding insulation to exposed pipes and adding mulch to delicate flower beds. Freezing temperatures are already here on some nights. Within the next 48 hours though the first major cold front will

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Product Review – Boca Burgers

These days it seems like new plant-based or semi-plant-based burgers are being added to the selection of products on supermarket shelves all the time. We have tried MANY of them for you. Among the ones tried are Beast Burger by ‘Beyond Meat’, Sliders by ‘Gardein’, Burgers by ‘Good Earth’, and Boca Burgers. So the verdict is in! The burger who has

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Heaven in 4 Words

Vegan Blueberry Cheese Cake! Oh yeah baby! This heavenly dessert was recently prepared and served at the sanctuary. Did we mention the cake comes on a dark oreo crust? Yes, just as you thought, this can’t get any better, it did! Since it is cholesterol free and made up of healthy ingredients, we all had multiple slices. Our non-vegan guests

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